GO WILD at African Lion Safari & GIVEAWAY (Ontario, Canada only) #AfricanLionSafari

African Lion Safari Family Pass GIVEAWAY! (ONTARIO, CANADA)

Have you heard the call of the wild yet?  African Lion Safari is conveniently nestled in a remote area of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and it’s full of fun, family excitement with a variety of animals that are sure to intrigue and capture your heart!

We recently had the opportunity to experience African Lion Safari as a family and my kids couldn’t be more thrilled to make the 1/2 hour drive to the safari so they could catch a glimpse of some wonderful animals.

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GO WILD at African Lion Safari Giveaway (ONTARIO, CANADA)

Located on Safari Road (how cute is that?!), African Lion Safari is extremely welcoming and friendly from the moment you arrive.  Handing out free park maps and also informative guides that can be purchased for $5 at the gates, they contain beautiful photos and information about many of the animals featured at the safari.  My kids have been reading and looking at it constantly well after we left that day.

Upon arriving through the gates, my husband was happy to see that there was plenty of parking available, as he’s always frustrated when we go on family outings and parking is tight or limited.  We luckily arrived just in time for the first safari tour bus that was leaving in a couple minutes (they have different time slots available where you can purchase your tickets).

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GO WILD at African Lion Safari Giveaway (ONTARIO, CANADA)

What’s really fun, is that you can choose to take your OWN vehicle through the safari!  Yes, you can drive through the safari in the convenience of your own car as long as you’re aware that the safari isn’t responsible for any damage to your vehicle that may or may not occur.  As much as we would have loved to take our own vehicle, we decided on enjoying the tour bus with everyone else and so we could listen to the bus driver enlighten us with fun facts about the animals and safari.  The kids loved it and had a blast seeing the different animals roaming around freely within the sanctuary and giggled when the ostriches were looking in the bus windows and the monkeys were climbing on people’s cars, and even jumped on the bus!  Such a neat and intimate experience for the whole family to get closer to the animals in a safe environment.

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African Lion Safari Family Pass GIVEAWAY (ONTARIO, CANADA)

We were so impressed with the large assortment of different animals that included, cheetahs, lions, giraffes, rhinos, mountain goats, ostriches, monkeys, deer, bison, elk, elephants and many, MANY more!!  That’s just a few off the top of my head, but there were SO many different animals.  The weather was perfect for our day at the safari, and I was so relieved the the tour buses have air conditioning, which made for a relaxing and comfortable tour.

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African Lion Safari Family Pass GIVEAWAY (ONTARIO, CANADA)

After our tour, and snapping many pictures, we headed on foot through the Kenya Gates where we enjoyed a pizza lunch at the Mombasa Cafe which is large and has plenty of seating if you choose to eat from one of their food venues.  There’s also eating areas and picnic shelters outside if you choose to bring your own lunch. The kids received a super cute souvenir lunch pail with their pizza lunch that had animal cookies inside.  They were thrilled!  A very cute touch for the safari to add with the meal.

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GO WILD at African Lion Safari Giveaway (ONTARIO, CANADA)

After our bellies were full, the kids had a blast at the playground and ball pit close by and could have stayed their all day, but there was still lots to do!  We enjoyed a relaxing cruise on the African Queen Boat where we were able to see a few more animals that included different monkeys, lemurs and birds.

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GO WILD at African Lion Safari Giveaway (ONTARIO, CANADA)

A fun ride on the “Nature Boy” scenic railway was a great way to spend some time together and we even saw a couple of the elephants taking a break.

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GO WILD at African Lion Safari Giveaway (ONTARIO, CANADA)

There are entertaining shows that you can watch, and we enjoyed the Elephant Round-up show and Birds of Prey flying demonstration.  Although we really wanted to see the Parrot Paradise show, we missed the time and knew there was other things to do and that we can always come back to see that one.

The elephants are amazing and I fell in love with how smart the African elephants are.  They can pull large logs, paint using a paintbrush, do tricks and you can really tell that they have a close relationship with their trainers.

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African Lion Safari Family Pass GIVEAWAY (ONTARIO, CANADA)

My kids LOVED watching the different birds in the Birds of Prey show and learning fun facts about them.  The elephants were my favourite part, and aside from being super cute, they’re SUPER smart too!  You can even take an opportunity to ride an elephant while you’re at the safari!  I can’t wait to do that next time we go.   There’s also a place where you can watch the Elephant Swim where the elephants let loose and cool off, but we missed it.

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GO WILD at African Lion Safari Giveaway (ONTARIO, CANADA)

After wandering through the Pet’s Corner and enjoying the baby goats and other cute animals, we ended our day at the enormous splash pad, Misumu Bay Wet Play!!  WOW, we were in awe of how much there is to do there, the awesome play equipment, water slides and just overall experience.  Was a perfect way to end our fun day, and for the kids to cool down and play.  We were there for quite awhile and that was one of the favourite parts of the day for the kids.

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GO WILD at African Lion Safari Giveaway (ONTARIO, CANADA)

Before we left, the kids made sure to take a picture with one of the safari mascots wandering around that day, the parrot!  The lion was wandering around too, but we just missed him!  Maybe next time.  There’s lots of souvenir booths throughout and even a gift shop so you can pick up some fun items to take home with you.

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GO WILD at African Lion Safari Giveaway (ONTARIO, CANADA)

I can’t even begin to list how many fun things there are to do at the African Lion Safari.  From the amazing animals, to the play areas, splash pad, animals shows and the train/boat rides.  We were there almost all day and still have lots we want to do when we return someday soon!  I love that it’s within a reasonable distance to where we live and it’s family friendly, informative, entertaining and clean.   We had a great day and the kids still talk about the experience.  Thanks African Lion Safari!!!

You can visit the African Lion Safari website to find out more about admission and rates, and how to plan your day, including hotel packages!  GO WILD!!

Disclosure: I received admission tickets mentioned above courtesy of the sponsor for the purpose of this review.  The views/opinions expressed are my own and from my own personal experience.


WIN IT:  Enter to WIN a Family Pass to African Lion Safari (includes passes for 2 adults & 2 children )!  Valued at $133.00!!

PLEASE NOTE: Passes are valid until October 14, 2013. Safari Tour Bus fees are extra and are not included with passes.  Passes are not transferable, not valid with any other promotional offer and not valid on Sundays or Holidays.

~~**ONTARIO, CANADA Only**~~

Must be over 18 years of age
One winner per household, email, IP address.

Giveaway will run from July 18 – July 31, 2013
(ALL winning entries are verified first, so please follow the guidelines for entering correctly, thanks!)
*Winners will be contacted by email & have 48 hours to respond.
*Please make sure to add yeewittlethings@hotmail.com to your safe senders list so you don’t miss an email from me if you win!

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  1. says

    That is a nice safari! We have one in the next state over that we went to about 5 years ago. So much fun seeing all that wildlife up close! Ours doesn't do bus tours though. We had to drive our own car through and I thought Jason was going to have a heart attack waiting for one of the animals to ding or ram his car as we drove through. I think he would have definitely picked the bus tour option had it been available lol.
    My recent post A Boxer Thing?

  2. Courtney says

    Awesome giveaway!! We love the lions! Thy get so close to the car sometimes. The splash park also rocks

  3. Maya Wade says

    My kid and I love watching the elephants go for a swim and taking the bus around the park! Everything is fun at African Lion Safari. My kids love the water park too!

  4. Nancy T says

    My DD3 hasn't been yet – we took DD7 when she was 16 months (a long time ago). We loved watching the elephants swim the first time around and would love to see them again.

  5. michelle tremblett says

    excited to drive through the safari and have the monkeys jump on the car, the kids freak out :)

  6. Melissa Pavlica says

    My daughter has never been there so any of the animals will just amaze her. She loves giraffes and lions!

  7. Monique L.S. says

    I don't believe I have ever been before, unless I was so young that I don't remember. I would love to be able to take my daughter as she seems to love animals as much as I do. I've heard the elephant bath is a must-see, so that is something we would make sure to do.

  8. Stacy Scott says

    My children would Love to see them all – However they are really excited to see the giraffes =) This would be an awesome contest to win, as all my children just love animals. Thank you so much for a great contest. Best of luck to us all =) .

  9. Sarah says

    My kids love elephants, so I think the elephant show would be a definite hit with them when we visit. Overall, all the animals would be thoroughly enjoyed by me and my family!

  10. Lee P says

    Oh what a great giveaway this is!! I haven't been to the Lion Safari in years. I recently watched a show on Lemurs and would love to see them cuz they are so freakin cute. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway

  11. Kimberley Graham says

    What a great contest…Would be very excited to see the Elephant round-up..Have always had a fondness for these large magical creatures.. : )

  12. Carole says

    I haven't visited there in over 30 years so I think I'm due to go back!! Would love to win the passes:-) Thank you!!

  13. Tammy says

    My family would love to go see all the amazing animals. I have four kids so this coupon would be great to have to minimize the cost. Would certainly be a great family adventure

  14. Michelle LeDuc says

    Absolutely love elephants! My daughter, husband and I would LOVE to see the elephant swim and splash pad! Good luck to everyone entering!

  15. Krista Henry says

    I would love for my kids to share the same memories as I had as a kid @ the A.L.S.
    Great family outing :)

  16. Rena Bourre says

    I am excited for my daughter to see the animals. She loves animals and I bet she'd love it at African Lion Safari.

  17. Bryan Kenny says

    Our family had passes every year for 5the years. Then we started traveling with work. Now we’re back and would love to see the changes. Miss you all.
    Is Sue still with the parrots? If so tell her Tracy says hi!

  18. Julie says

    I have never taken my children to the Lion Safari. It looks amazing! I remember only a little bit from when I went as a child…mostly the ride though the park in our car. We saw the car in front of us get mobbed by monkies! Probably more fun for us to watch from our car 😉

  19. Chantelle Alvey says

    Pets' Corner is where I would love to go, it would be so great to watch my little guy interact with the animals

  20. marlenesmith953 says

    i would love to see the giraffes, and my granddaughter said the zebras because they look like horses lol

  21. andie says

    I have been in the past, but never with my family. I love seeing the monkeys. But we have to bring our oldest vehicle to go through there.

  22. says

    Even you don't win the pass for African Lion Safari, you can still print off coupons from attractionsontario.ca to save $2.00 for each person. Have Fun!

  23. Alina Rutten says

    We are a family of animal lovers and adventurers, so African Lion Safari would be the perfect place for us to visit. Fingers crossed.

  24. Carolyn says

    If I won this contest I would love to see the look on my 2 year olds face when he sees all the animals but mostly the elephants as he loves them and would be so excited to see real ones. Thanks so much!

  25. eleanor says

    I have never been before and I'd like to take the "African Queen" Boat and watch the animal and bird shows.

  26. Nikki OConnor says

    I was under 1 year old last time I rode an elephant there so hoping to take my youngest daughter who slept during our trip there last year- and have her an I ride an elephant together! My older daughter and her dad rode one last year! Also I got so caught up in so many things to do there I missed both the Elephant parade and the elephant swim!

  27. canadianbloghouse says

    Love the look of African Lion Safari! I've always wanted to visit the park ever since I was a little girl. Looks like you and your family had a great time, Brandi :) I recently visited Parc Omega in Quebec, which is a similar type park…but with "Canadian" animals instead. I really enjoyed it and it makes me want to see African Lion Safari even more now.
    My recent post VisitSyracuse.com Family Getaway #Giveaway!

  28. Elizabeth K says

    I haven't been to African Lion Safari in 20 yrs and by the pictures it's changed and improved quite a bit since I would love to go again!

  29. Marina Mikhaylova says

    Thank you very much for the info about Safari. I am planing to visit it this summer but after your review and beautiful pictures I think we would go as soon as possible!

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